Robin is a superhero with an incredible ability to help you get to the essence of your message.

Debra Charles, CEO Novacroft

I would not hesitate to recommend Robin to anyone considering enhancing their story telling/presentation skills, you will be left wondering why you didn’t work with him previously

Ian Parsons, Senior Director Medical Affairs at Amgen

You are excellent at what you do and I feel so lucky to have worked with you.

Marcie Shaoul, Executive Coach & Speaker

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone with an open mind who is willing to expand their personal and corporate horizons – he is a gem.

Andrew Wallas, CEO and Founder, School for Business Alchemy 

I can’t speak highly enough of how brilliant Robin is at getting to the essence of what makes a story compelling and allowing you to express it in your own authentic way.

Tony Barton, Certified coach and leadership trainer

Has given me the grounding to be confident in my ability to deliver something powerful, and with credibility. I immediately trusted him to help me shape and craft my message own authentic way.

Barry Joinson, Chief Navigator at The Leader Ship

Robin is a talented story-teller who was instrumental in helping me prepare for my TEDx speech. His guidance helped me structure my own story in a way that highlighted the message I wanted to get across, and then helped me find the rhythm and tempo to tell my story.

Helen Needham, Founder of Me.Decoded, TEDx speaker

He is a genius and I would always turn to Robin for any keynote speech. 

Caroline Mair, Investment Partner at Veritas Investment Management

Robin has this rare ability to see the whole person in front of him and pull out their story. He was instrumental in helping me get clarity on my story so I could share the most important parts of it in my speech in the House of Commons. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to develop their story or speech, or for organisations wanting to get to really know the people in the team..

Jude Jennison, Founder and CEO at Leaders by Nature

A good teacher knows the hooks to help students learn – a great storyteller, however, gently leads the presentation team down a meandering path to discover its own magic. That kind of skill can’t easily be taught, and for it, we’re grateful to Robin

Todd Rollin, Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, FICO

Without Robin’s support and coaching I know I would not have been able to structure and deliver such a personal, authentic and inspiring keynote speech.

David Guile, former CEO Macdonald Hotels

After working with Robin, I have a whole new concept of how to put a talk together and a much higher standard to maintain

Colin Newlyn, Founder and CEO of New Edge

Thanks so much for your help. I used the story idea and my MP came in to support and I have now got written promises of a reformed breast cancer service for women.

Annette Ford, health campaigner