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Keynote Doctor helps you find the stories that connect with your audience – online or in-person.

Delivering a presentation of any kind can represent a golden opportunity to raise your profile and define your thought leadership. But it can also be a huge challenge to identify the core message of your speech and frame it so that your audience can relate and respond.

Hiding behind information dumps no longer cuts it in this world of TED talks and viral videos.  Audiences demand to be moved, inspired, and excited by what you have to say. Either you take your audience on a journey, or you’re in danger of leaving them behind.

Robin is a superhero with an incredible ability to help you get to the essence of your message.”

Debra Charles, CEO Novacroft

Enter Keynote Doctor’s head coach Robin Bayley. Robin starts by helping you identify the essential truth of your message, and then find great stories that will to bring it to life. He will also coach you on how to create a powerful connection with your audience, ensuring that your talk truly resonates and is memorable.

Whether you’re starting with a blank sheet of paper, have a presentation that needs a bit of polish, or are already confident of your message but unsure when it comes to delivery, get in touch, we’d love to help.

Without Robin’s support and coaching I know I would not have been able to structure and deliver such a personal, authentic and inspiring keynote speech.

David Guile, former CEO Macdonald Hotels

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