Keynote Doctor is the brainchild of storytelling and leadership coach, Robin Bayley. Storytelling is the thread that has run throughout Robin’s life. Following a successful 15-year career in the advertising and television industries, he decided he wanted to tell his own stories and wrote an internationally-acclaimed non-fiction book about the power of storytelling.

It was while speaking at literature festivals around the world that Robin discovered the true impact of stories spoken out loud, and the magic of creating a connection with an audience. People began to ask him to help them tell their stories – from wedding speeches to keynote talks – and this has become his calling; to empower people to say what they need to say, in the way they need to say it.

Robin has coached high-profile personalities, TEDx speakers, campaigners, senior executives and emerging leaders everywhere from Sydney to Silicon Valley, and Madrid to the Middle East.

He has appeared widely on TV and radio around the world, including a live broadcast on the BBC World Service to an audience of more than 40 million.

Robin trained as a coach with the internationally renowned Coactive Training Institute in 2015. He is also a senior leadership and communications coach at Ginger Leadership Communications

The speech was absolutely perfect. Waiting to deliver it was like when you buy someone a really good present and can’t wait for them to unwrap it…

Stuart Lawrence, Director, Servysis

Fun fact about Robin: he was once cast as a drug dealer in a Bollywood feature film… but that’s another story.

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He is a genius and I would always turn to Robin for any keynote speech.

Caroline Mair, Investment Partner at Veritas Investment Management

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